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Before some years no one even imagined that we live in a world wherein future everything totally depends on the technology. Today we all are technology dependent even a person couldn’t wake up in the morning without the help of technology that is an alarm, whether it’s an alarm clock or your phone’s alarm. So everyone knows that we are living in the world of technology which helps us in every step of life. Today I want to tell you about a great invention of “HOMEBIOGAS”. Do you know what actually home biogas is? Do you know it benefits? Do you know it’s the whole working process? If no then don’t worry because today we are going to discuss the whole process and usage of Home biogas.

Home biogas is specially invented to produce cooking gas. You have to throw your food wastage or your pet’s waste materials into the Home biogas it will turn those into your cooking gas as well as natural liquid fertilizers for your plants. Once people thought that their food wastage is totally useless but now it helps you to cook your food. There is a complete arranged system of Home biogas, the team will completely attach it to your kitchen stove. In Home-biogas bacterias are present which converts food or pets waste materials into Cooking gas. You have to place your Home biogas at that place where sunlight energy is higher because the bacteria present in it they will be more active in the presence of sunlight.

There are three easy steps for setting up Home biogas at your home:

  • Firstly choose your location where you want to set up your Home biogas system.
  • Then assemble it’s all parts.
  • After that activate your Home biogas by adding your food wastage in it.

Now your cooking gas is ready, go to your kitchen and cook your food. It produces about three hours of cooking gas a day.


It has so many positive impacts on our society some of them we are discussing below:


At many places where the government does not supply natural cooking gas or at poor areas people cut down the trees and use woods to cook the food, so the Home biogas is the best option for them because due to it countries forest rate will not decrease and our environment will also be fresh. Trees can produce oxygen which is good for health in short more trees will help us to produce more oxygen.


Home biogas will reduce your cost of fertilizers also. The one who buys fertilizers for their plants now he or she can easily Hain fertilizer from Home biogas easily. It is providing you two benefits, one is cooking gas and another one is liquid fertilizer. It produces the fertilizer which is fully natural and healthy for your plants.



Industries producing fossil fuels are releasing high toxic gases which are harmful to health, it is polluting our environment. Whereas Home biogas does not release such toxic gases due to which pollution can be controlled.


If you are using Home biogas system then you don’t need to worry about your gas bill because it is all natural process. Once you buy it then it will run for a long period where you don’t need to pay gas bills monthly. It means it is saving the greater part of your money monthly.



  1. Homebiogas is an off-grid system that generates clean energy without any electricity AND allows you to properly treat your household waste! The system produces up to 2 hours of cooking gas every day solely from your food scraps or animal waste.

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