Pressure Of Education


Education is important in everyone’s life because it helps to achieve a goal in life. Every individual has an aim in life, so without getting education no one can achieve or fulfill their aim in life. Education is a basic part of everyone’s life. In this world there is no space for illiterate people, nowadays no one accepts the illiterate person. For spending a purpose-full life you should be educated. That’s why our parents pushing us towards education because they know this reality, to live a happy life we should gain an education. According to me to pressurize your kid for good grades, it is unfair. Nowadays our parents totally changed their minds, when a mother conceive the child from that time they start thinking where should we admit our child? Which school is better for our child and do you know what is the definition of better for our parents? Let me tell you, the school is charging high fees it is better for them. The school has extracurricular activities it is better for them and if the school is arranging parties or annual dinner or picnics it is better or even best for them. But the reality is no one wants to whether they are providing good knowledge or not which includes manners or good behaviors or self-development.


If our coming generation is talented but they don’t know how to behave with fellows or family members(most especially parents and grandparents) then that person should firstly understand, what is ethics? Even you can’t survive in an organization without your good behavior, so how can you spend your full life with your family without ethics. In today’s world providing education is just a business, no one really cares about what you are learning but everyone cares about what you are paying.

Parents are paying high fees for their child so they always accept that their child will be a good student (who gets good grades or achieve the highest marks in whole class). For this, they always pressurize the kid to work hard or study every time. Some parents even don’t allow their child for playing outdoor games. They never concentrate on this that if the child will play outdoor games he will be healthy and fit whereas if he stays at home all the time so he will be exhausted. Everyone wants to enjoy life, even our parents so why they keep restricting their child from the enjoyment for the name of the study.

The most Hitler part of our society is our school teachers. Most teachers don’t know how to teach their students efficiently and it is most common in schools. In school there is always a strict principal who keep an eye on every student and always scold them don’t do this, don’t do that(otherwise he or she will punish you)  so every one student feels fear from the principal. When a person is in early stage(means a kid) of life so he or she can easily analyze thinks and can implement their own ideas but our schooling system(which is the base of every child) ruins that capability of the child due to their restrictions (which they call manners). I do not fully disagree with our schooling system but most probably they are increasing their business. It’s all because they are not interested in the child’s future. Everyone or every child has a different mindset if we gather those mindsets so we can easily invent those technologies which we call impossible today. But from the initial stage we train our child to don’t think deep or don’t analyze everything otherwise you will face problems, so it’s better we do the same which I am doing or did. That’s why this new generation is the best copy caters. Teachers keep pressurizing their students to study hard, to gain good marks. The teacher always give more importance to that student who gains higher marks in class, whereas if one student isn’t gaining good marks but he has other good abilities so they won’t prefer that student at all even they always dislike that student. That never want to know what is the actual problem with that student due to which he can’t gain good marks and they keep pressurizing the student.


The pressure of education is increasing day by day on students from parents side as well as teachers side. Let me tell you the effects of the pressure of education on students:


When students want to enjoy their every small happiness so their parents always ask them to concentrate on studies rather than wasting time. They always say that education is your first priority whether you are happy or sad it doesn’t matter. Which becomes a serious problem for every child. Then they forgot how to enjoy life and they keep going far from happiness.


When a child starts his school life, he never knows that due to the pressure of education he has to face mental stress. Many students face psychological problems because their teachers always give importance to some specific student which really dishearten those remaining students, then those remaining students always be stress and some students decide to quit their education because they couldn’t compete them.


When teachers and parents keep pressurizing a child for education and child becomes exhausted from all the family members or even relatives. The child becomes mentally sick that’s why he doesn’t want to interact with the family and sometimes with close friends which results in low interaction with family.


I have heard many incidents about suicide but no one concentrate why youngsters rate of suicide is increasing day by day. It’s because our school or college or university’s teachers, as well as parents, keep forcing the child to gain higher marks for better future, if student couldn’t achieve that many marks as his or her parents expected so they can’t face them then their extreme step is suicide whereas some students leave their studies half due to continues failures.


According to me parents or teachers should counsel their child for education not to pressurize them all the time because the pressure of education is a great dispute between parents and students. Now a day the teacher thinks that their job is only to give lectures related to their subjects and nothing else. If a student is facing difficulty in studies so it’s none of their business, they even don’t try to contact the parents of a student, at least they could take a better for their child. They keep calling them poor students but don’t want to help them, due to which many students lose their confidence. The pressure of education is a great problem in our society firstly parents and then teachers should take bold steps to solve this problem or to help students.



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