Students should use Mobile?


@Photo by Karl JK Hedin on Unsplash@

Earlier when there were no social media students sits together and spend time together for chatting and having fun. Now students totally depend upon social media which effects badly on their education. Students think they are multitask-er, so they actively use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp during studies due to which the got low grades. Many professors use social media as a teaching tool, students can easily discuss their problems online with the teachers. It also changes the way of marketing and business. Social media is totally based on the internet.

It is almost difficult to go through a day without the use of communication. The person who sends information is known as sender whereas the person who receives information known as a receiver. At early ages, people communicate through letters and telegrams after that through landline, as time passes cell phones were invented for communication between two or more people, who lives far away from each other. Nowadays many companies invented cell phones based on our daily life activities. Whereas time passes the mobile phone’s importance is being changed from the communication device to the basic need of life due to the advancement or modernization of the world. Today every person has a cell phone no matter how old he or she is. Even a kid couldn’t think his or her life without the cell phone. Nowadays everyone is addicted to a cell phone, whether a kid or a teenager or a young person.

If we talk about education institutes, our education system is very poor from the beginning (primary level). Primary is the base of every child. The Pakistani government isn’t paying attention towards educational institutes whether it will be primary, secondary or higher education. Whereas nowadays every private institute is using technology in a positive way to provide a better or quality education. As well as many colleges or universities allow students to bring their cell phones not only for communication between parents and children but they also taught them how to use their cell phones positively, for their benefit as well as for education purpose. In this era cell phone is not only the source of communication between people, it has many other applications which are for our comfort like Maps (guide direction of each and every destination), Games (if you are tired you can play games to refresh yourself, no matter where you are), Online shopping (by sitting at home you can go shopping anytime you want), Video call (you can easily watch your loved ones live), you can also use your cell phone as a television, as well as if you don’t have a car or bike than you can easily book a car from your cell phone, these all are the reasons people think that cell phone is a basic need of their life. No one can think of their survival without a cell phone.

Cell phones have positive as well as negative effects on students life. It is a useful invention and also a source of the distraction of students from studies. If students use the cell phone for gaining or enhancing knowledge, for solving their problems related to their studies then the cell phone is one of the smartest inventions in the whole world, but if students use a cell phone for chatting with friends and for social media than they are only wasting their time and sacrificing their better future. Cell phone helps in the interaction of parents with their child whenever they want. According to a survey cell phones have more potential to affect the students or youths life. For students, the cell phone is the most important part of their life. The world is being changed, as much as people are being the advance definition of the cell phone is changing. Initially, the cell phone is only a source of communication but now it is a source of information, entertainment and also a source of storing important data. Earlier people kept calendars in their houses but now calendars are vanished by mobile phones, everyone has a calendar in their cell phones.

Cell phones have changed our life very quickly. Before (earlier ages) you couldn’t call home for the emergency purpose, as well as you couldn’t conduct business conference while sitting at home. Now we can do multiple tasks at the same time due to cell phones. Here some reasons why students are addicted to their cell phones: Nowadays everything is online, they can easily search or find what they want. They don’t need to sit with their friends for chatting, they can easily start online chatting whenever they want. Technical applications can easily boost their knowledge and information. These are the reasons why parents or teachers do not prefer cell phones for students: Students use their mobile phones all the time due to which they are sacrificing their studies. Some students use their cell phones negatively, which effects badly on their life. When students bring their cell phones in the classroom, it also distracts the other students.

Cell phones change the life of students, when earlier students study at home they pay their full concentration on studies, nowadays students concentration is divided between their studies and cell phone. Cell phone plays a great role in the student’s life. From an educational institute to the home they totally depend on their cell phone. Many students continuously use their cell phone for texting their friends and then face pain in hands, back, and neck. If a student use cell phone responsibly or positively he or she will not face any problem related to their education, whereas cell phone helps them in a positive way for enhancing their knowledge and solving their problems related to their education but nowadays negative users are greater than the positive users.


In this era, it is difficult to think about education institute (whether it will be a school, college or university) without computer and internet. It is due to the technology that students totally depends on the internet for their studies. Today’s education system is so much different than earlier or traditional education system. Nowadays students are bold and intelligent they know very well how to use their technological devices positively for their studies. Students who miss their classes, they learn their lectures on the internet and make sure that they understand that topic very well. Technology is very useful but without internet, our cell phones are not much useful. If a student is using their cell phone, suddenly internet disconnects than the student will be worried because if he/she is studying, gaining knowledge or doing his/him personal work, so that particular works stuck in between. The Internet has many benefits for students but one of the best parts is that they can easily earn money by sharing their knowledge by bloggers. It is a great source of income for students who are not earning and also improves their skills.

As time is spending the cell phone’s importance is increasing, as well as it’s being advance that’s why cell phones are also called smartphones. Educational institutes of Pakistan should allow students to use cell phones in the classroom because cell phones help them in many different positive ways which are listed below:

  • It can be used as a notepad for noting lectures.
  • It can work as a calculator for solving math’s problems.
  • It helps in finding difficult words in literature or English class as a dictionary.
  • It also helps in the foreign language class as a translator.
  • It helps in carrying many e-books at a time, which you can open in your cell phone and study.
  • It also works as a reminder, for homework.
  • It helps to access the internet for finding information related to a particular subject.
  • It works as a platform for interacting students to one another.

Today cell phone is not just for using Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube, it has many other useful apps just like Twitter (which informs you what is happening in this world), MS Office (helps you for making slides, reports and documents), Google classroom (interacts teacher and teacher and students they can easily share their information to each other), Google Maps (helps in searching location) and many other apps which provides news and study apps through which you can also learn as many different subjects as you want. Every educational institute has their own rules, some of them allow their students to use a cell phone, whereas some of them allow their students to use the cell phone but not in the classroom.

Cell phones help students in many ways, some students are shy and are not able to ask the questions in the classroom so they clear their doubts through online. They also see other students questions and get a chance to learn efficiently and effectively. If a student wants to learn more content than the syllabus so he or she can easily learn online.

Nowadays everyone aware of technology, so if educational institutes are providing knowledge they should provide a quality education. Today educational institutes should allow cell phones because it saves their money, if they don’t allow them so they should provide them a separate computer or tab to every student, it can higher their cost.

For safety purpose, if a student faces a problem he or she can easily contact his or her parents.

Cell phones speed up information retrieval, students can easily check their phones in 20-30 seconds, can also check their attendance quickly as well as their marks records.


Society has come to a point where no one can think of their life without a cell phone. Students desire cell phone for contact with their friends. Parents gave them a cell phone for security or communication purpose. A teacher is a person who thinks students should not have cell phones in the classroom, they know cell phones carry multiple benefits but they are also aware of the negative effects of cell phones on students. The cell phone is a great source of distraction for students in an educational institute. Students use their phones to text, play games and use social media during attending lectures. If a cell phone rings it also disturb other students, who are serious about their studies. Some students also use their cell phone for taking pictures of their classmates and teachers without knowing them. Some students also use their phones for cheating purpose during the test. According to a survey students take snapshots and cheat during test or exams, some students use the internet to find their answers whereas some students exchange their texts.

When there was no cell phone people can easily memorize their relative’s numbers as well as important numbers. Students can easily memorize their lectures and home works. Today cell phone is training us how to become less focused. According to a study, when they examined the effects of cell phone usage on students during lecture. Participants watched a lecture on multimedia, they gave two assessments. Students who were not using their mobile phone remember more details and wrote down sixty-two percent more information than the participants who were using their cell phones during lecture. So it proves that students who pay attention to the teacher’s lecture can memorize more information rather than students who continuously use the cell phone in the classroom during the lecture.

Cell phone distracts students from studies even if they are at home. They continuously text their friends, use social media and waste their precious time. Most of the people keep their cell phones beside their pillow for replying texts or attending calls. Cell phones emit ultraviolet radiations due to which most youngsters face psychological disorder, sleep loss, anxiety and a high risk of cancer. Many people use their phones during driving (attend calls and text) without realizing that it can cost their lives, accidents take place in mostly young ages. Continuous use of cell phone or use of cell phone with high contrast can because of eyesight weakness. A person who uses a cell phone every time can face eye problems in the future, rather than the person who does not use the cell phone.

Today cell phone is a status symbol for rich and poor. Especially in an educational institute of Pakistan people judge you, by your clothes what you wear, secondly, by your cell phone, you carry. If someone has a costly phone (Samsung or iPhone) people think he or she is rich, whereas if a person carries less costly phone they think that he or she is a middle class. If a person does not carry a smartphone, people think that he or she is poor and can not afford a smartphone. But they don’t want to look another side if a person doesn’t carry smartphone it may be dye to Street crimes or maybe they don’t like personally to carry a smartphone everywhere. Every person has their own opinion and interest. In the educational institute, if everyone carries a smartphone then there will be unhealthy competition between students. This would increase the worries and expenditures of parents, not only this but it would also create cell phone class difference between students according to the cell phone brand or model.


Cell phones connect students with their parents, friends, and relatives. The cell phone is a device which can be used positively as well as negatively. Cell phone helps people in many ways like it provides useful information, it can be used as a calculator, calendar, map, camera, recorder, clock etc., you can easily use Office in cell phones, watch or listen news any time you want and most importantly it helps in interaction of people, it’s a bit of communication. It’s true that cell phones provide many facilities but it also has many negative impacts; it emits radiations which are harmful to each and every person, students do not pay attention towards the lecture during the class which means it’s a source of distraction for students, it is a cause of eyesight weakness and health problems.

If we ignore these problems for a while, there is another problem, in Pakistan, many street crimes take place due to cell phones, snatchers threat people and snatch their phones whereas some snatchers, snatch the phone and also kill the victim. In Pakistan, street crime is common due to which many parents don’t allow their children to carry smartphones outside the home. Another negative impact of a cell phone is that the cell phone is a reason for distraction while walking or driving, due to which many people lose their life. A person who uses a mobile phone during driving put his life as well as another person’s life in danger. In Pakistan 0.9 million road accidents take place due to use of cell phone while driving and these accidents mostly take place among young ages. According to survey, there was a girl in Faisalabad, she used her cell phone while it was in charging, it suddenly explodes in her hand and her hands burned. In Pakistan, there are many same cases like cell phone explodes during call or texting which are very harmful incidents.

If a student carries a cell phone in educational institute it should be his or her responsibility, the educational institute shouldn’t allow them to use their cell phone in classroom, it has so many negative effects not only for the student who carries it but for another student too. If educational institute is in favor of technology so in classroom they should provide tablets to their students whenever they need, due to this when there will be use of tablet they will use it in a positive way for completing their task in presence of teacher and when they finish their task they return tabs to the teacher present in class, so there will be no use of cell phone due to which we can overcome some of the problems facing by teachers and students.


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