Is Suicide the Only Solution?

Suicide is a deliberate self-harm and committing suicide is never a good solution to get rid of the problems being suffered by a person. Suicide is a self-murder and thus a criminal offense which is prohibited in every country around the globe. SUICIDE

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More than 800,000 individuals commit suicide every year worldwide, which proves that in every 40 seconds someone is ending his life. Unfortunately, many such cases are unreported as it is illegal. However, it is the second leading cause of death among the people of 15 to 29 years of age. In many countries, most of the suicides are committed by the people over the age of 70. Thus, society is being greatly affected either directly or indirectly.
Pakistan is experiencing a drastic increase in suicide rates over the years. A big problem is that the national suicide statistics are neither collected nor reported to the World Health Organizations (WHO) which has resulted in the difficulties in making the planning of prevention programs. As per the analysis of the suicide reports of a duration of two years, over 300 suicide incidents have taken place in Pakistan. In the past few years, Pakistan has witnessed a large number of teenage suicide cases which is a serious matter. Steps must be taken in order to prevent these teenage suicides.
No religion allows it’s followers to commit suicide. According to every religion, there is a supernatural power whose existence cannot be doubted. Only he has the right to take decisions in his own created universe. He is the writer of the fate. A person committing suicide is, however, violating the boon of life entrusted to him by God.
Pakistan is a Muslim country where the majority follow Islam. Committing suicide is prohibited in Islam. According to Prophet (P.B.U.H), committing suicide is a major sin, and the one who commits suicide will be subject to punishment and thus, will be sent to hell.
No country allows an individual to end his life. No law support suicide and thus, it is considered a criminal offense.
As the laws of Pakistan build on the basis of Islamic principles and values, they don’t allow it. In case a person makes an attempt to commit suicide but gets saved, then he is considered as a criminal and gets put behind the bars while a certain penalty is also charged as a punishment.
Whenever a person commits suicide, usually his family members are blamed. In most of the cases, family members of the dead are completely unaware of the problems the person was going through. Everyone is so busy in their own lives that they don’t bother about the close ones around them. Members of the society hesitate in bringing this topic into discussions. Instead of avoiding it, we need to remove the barriers of shame and blame and start to talk about it before it’s too late.
Teenage is the state where the person is not mature enough to take the best decisions always. They also go through certain ups and downs which can result in increased stress and depression. As they fail to find solutions to their problems, they lose hope and get demotivated. This demotivation kills their interest in life and they end it.

One isolated incident does not cause a child to attempt suicide. It is usually an ongoing chronic situation like abuse or violence, poverty, mental disturbance or any situation in which a teen starts to feel completely helpless, trapped of either fearful and finds no way out of it and loses hope.
In many such cases, a teenager, however, gets saved from committing suicide. Even in such cases the chances of teenagers to recommit suicide rises as the teenager crosses a certain threshold and the fear to attempt suicide is deceased.
The success and pride of any nation depend upon its new generation which is considered as an asset of the country. The young generation possesses the power and ability to change the world and open the doors of development of the nation it belongs to. Youth has more influence on the society as compared to the older ones but if this youth fails to understand the purpose of their life and remain unsuccessful in achieving their main ambitions and sacrifice their lives, their country world never prosper.
Lack of better communication among the families is also considered to be a major reason behind the increasing rate of suicides. As in the past, because of the strong communication among the members of the families, the suicide attempts were rarely heard. But in the current period majority of the families experience poor communication among each other. Young children and teenagers usually don’t feel comfortable enough to discuss their problems with their families and thus keep their problems to themselves which gives rise to mental stress and disturbance and hence when they fail to find any solutions to their problems, they attempt suicide.


According to an estimation by the World Health Organizations (WHO), 15000 suicides were committed in Pakistan. Among these, most of the suicides are attempted by the people under the age of 30 and among these, around 25 percent of suicides were committed by teens. The young girls of Pakistan have committed suicide more than the boys of Pakistan. These attempts to suicide indicate the extreme level of stress and depression in the young generation of the country. Adults are usually blamed for this as they are not successful in providing a safe and secure environment for their children to live and prosper under.

Pakistan has witnessed a large number of teenage suicides over the years. Although teenage is considered to be the best phase of life, which is full of innocence. Like the adults, a lot of children and teenagers often suffer from mental illness and depression or emotional distress caused by various circumstances around them. These situations and conditions force a person to willingly take his life.
The common reasons behind suicide include the following:-

Depression is the main cause of suicides. A person suffering from depression starts to consider himself worthless and thinks that his presence doesn’t matter anymore. They feel like they are a burden on their families. They have no desire to go out or meet people and prefer being alone. This isolation causes sadness and suicidal thoughts to dominate their minds. In such cases, a person starts to keep a distance with his family and friends and avoids to express his feelings. One might not disclose his problems in front of others and starts to deal with them alone. Hence, when these feelings of fear, sadness, stress remain inside a person for long, leads to depression. A person who gets depressed and everyone fails to cheer him up, then he may lose interest in his life and considers suicide the only way out.
Every person has certain expectations from his life which he hopes to get fulfilled. But as the things don’t go according to the plans, a person gets disappointed and loses hope. This is yet another cause that a person considers suicide the only solution as he starts to feel that his conditions will never improve or he might not be successful in achieving his targets. He may start to consider dying by suicide better than living an unsuccessful life. This hopelessness of another major cause behind increasing suicides.
Everyone has fears. There are certain things which make our knees wobble and send a chill down our spine. Most of the people don’t have the guts to face them. Facing the fears may have two effects. Either a person overcomes his fears or his fear gets multiple. This fear becomes the cause of their suffering and one considers to avoid it by escaping life. A large number of teenagers commit suicide just because of the failure in their studies and examinations. They often get scared of their family and thus give up on their life. Hence, parents must make sure to build a comfort zone for their children so that they can discuss their problems and issues without any fear. Parents should motivate their child so that they won’t be scared and a large number of teenagers’ lives would be safe. Measures should be taken to prevent the young generation from this unnatural death.
Yet another cause of suicide among teenagers is bullying. Bullying nowadays is not rare. Although even after the introduction of anti-bullying policies many educational institutions, a lot of teenagers experience it and fear to report a complaint against bullies to the authorities. They often hide it from their families and friends and bear the pain. A lot of suicides are caused due to bullying which includes physical bullying, emotional bullying, and bullying using the internet, called cyberbullying. Bullying may affect the victim both physically and mentally due to which the victim is unable to get out of it and thus decides to take this step.
Financial Problems And Unemployment:-
Searching for a job is not an easy task at it sounds. People search for a decent job in order to earn money for themselves and their families and improve their standard of living. When a person fails to search for a good job and meet its necessities, he gets disappointed and thus commits suicide. Most of the poor families expect their children to earn money as he gets matured enough. As a person gets unsuccessful in fulfilling the needs and demands of his family and improve his financial condition, he gives up hope and decided to end his life.

Pakistan has witnessed a large number of teenage suicides over the years. Although teenage is considered to be the most beautiful part of life, which is full of happiness and joy. But unfortunately, like the adults, a lot of children and teenagers often suffer from mental illness and depression or emotional distress caused by various circumstances around them.
A lot of the teenagers and even the adults consider suicide the only solution to their problems. Among these teenagers who have committed suicide was a nursing student of the second year named Waseemullah Khan was found in his room, hanging from his ceiling. His parents were blamed for pressurizing him while his family had no answers for that.
Last year two students of the University of Bahawalpur named Mohammad Awais and Anoosha Mushtaq shot themselves dead in a hotel room as their families denied to get married.
In the same year, a twenty-four year graduated student of NUST committed suicide as he was unsuccessful in getting a job.
In the previous year, two girls in Islamabad ended their lives in separated incidents. One of the girls shot her due to the sites of her examination. The other girl committed suicide by consuming poison as her parents refused to allow her to attend her cousin’s marriage.
A person willing to end his life may experience certain changes in his behavioral patterns. These changes are the warning signs which must be noted in order to save an innocent life.
• In such cases, a person may get depressed and remains stressful.
• He starts to avoid his friends and family and keeps a distance from them.
• He may get disappointed, hopeless and often worried and his smile disappears from his face.
• He may lose interest in almost every activity and what’s going around him.
• He starts to keep himself alone and prefers isolation
• He may start to pass negative comments regarding self-worth.
• He may begin to bring up topics regarding suicide in discussions or in his writings.
• If a person has tried to commit suicide in the past, there are greater chances that he may try to commit suicide again.
• Physical changes including the changes in the sleeping patterns or lack of energy.
• He may start to act rudely and misbehave with his family and friends more often.

Through this statistics, the rate of crude suicides per 100,000 inhabitants from the year 2000 to the year 2015 in Pakistan is being shown. According to this, the rate of crude suicide in the year 2015 was approximately 2.1 per 100,00

The increasing number of suicide must be controlled for which the awareness must be spread. An individual who is willing to commit suicide can be saved if his family or friends notice the warning signs and changes in his behavior.
Most of the problems and difficulties faced by the teenagers are not known by their families. They keep it to themselves, giving rise to the level of stress. Thus, the following ways can be helpful for preventing a person to commit suicide and can help to save a life.

• In case you notice the warning signs of suicide in a person, you should try to talk to that person and start a conversation.
• Make that person believe that you care for him and you are concerned for that person.
• No matter how much the conversation gets negative, still listen to that person and let him speak.
• Let the person share his feelings with you and be sympathetic. Also, avoid arguing with that person.
• Give hope to the person and motivate him that whatever the problems he is facing are temporary and will be solved.
• Try to solve his problems and make him feel that is not alone.
• Concern a doctor or psychiatrist. Provide the person a professional help and treatment. Also, during the treatment make sure that the person is following the doctor’s prescription.
• Provide a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet, healthy sleep, and exercise as it helps in relieving stress and depression.
• Take the person outside and make him stay in the fresh air.
• Avoid the person from taking alcohol and harmful pills.
• Keep the harmful products away from the person including knives firearms and razors.
• Keep the person happy and make him feel important.

It is extremely important that the warnings signs must be noticed on correct time prevented. Otherwise, the suicide rate will keep on increasing and the World would be in great dangers that will be beyond our imagination.

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